Awards & Recognition Ceremony Outfit Links

All new students will need to purchase the Awards Ceremony outfits before Tuesday, May 9.
Below are the links for the dresses and ties:
Lower Learning Center Boys’ Ties
Lower Learning Center Girls’ Dresses
Upper Learning Center Boys’ Ties
Upper Learning Center Girls’ Dresses

Dress Requirements for Awards’ Ceremony

  Ladies (in both Learning Centers):
  • Program dress
  • Slip
  • Black dress shoes (closed toe & heel)
  • Flesh-colored hosiery 
  Gentlemen (in both Learning Centers):
  • White, long-sleeved dress shirt
  •  Black dress pants, belt, socks, and shoes
  • Program tie

Students must purchase these program outfits as soon as possible to ensure outfits fit.
Elementary girl dresses may need to be hemmed.