CCA COVID Policy image

As with any reputable education center, CCA takes the safety of our students and staff very seriously. When the COVID pandemic struck, in 2020, we were quickly able to adjust to a virtual learning approach while we waited to learn more about the virus. As time progressed, and we learned more, we were able to resume a limited in-person instructional model. We practiced the expected COVID protocols, as recommended by the CDC, and we had a safe and COVID-free academic year. We did go virtual again for a week, when we heard that one of the teacher assistants had tested positive, even though that person had not been in our building for the entirety of the previous week. We believe that preventative safety measures are preferred.

We also realize certain protocols, such as the wearing of masks, have caused a lot of anxiety in our culture. Some believe a mask to be an infringement of rights, while others believe them to be common-sense in reducing the potential spread. Our position is that parents should be the authority in a child’s life. Therefore, we simply ask the parent to make an informed decision concerning their own children, and our staff will honor the parent’s choice.

Our staff sanitizes all work areas at least daily, and more if required. Our students are all seated a responsible social distance apart. We promote regular handwashing and sanitizing for the students. If the parent desires for their child to wear a mask, we ensure the child does so and the teacher will mask while working closely with the child.

We also require that, if the child is showing any symptoms of illness, or running a fever, they must not come to school. No symptomatic child or adult is permitted to enter the building.

Please know that should COVID, or its variants, begin to spread or increase, we will adjust our policies to ensure the continued safety of our students and staff.

The CCA staff believes that we can be safe and practical in our learning. We thank you for your confidence and trust in CCA.