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The A.C.E. PACE system

CCA uses the Accelerated Christian Education® PACE system. This system has taken the conventionally styled textbook and divided it into bite-sized, achievable, worktexts called PACEs. Each PACE is similar to a unit in a textbook. Each level consists of 12 PACEs in each subject. PACEs integrate Godly character-building lessons into the academic content, and self-instructional activities are carefully designed to develop thinking skills and create mastery learning.

Students begin their PACE work by noting their goals, the concepts they will learn, a Bible verse, and a corresponding character trait. From the beginning of each PACE, they know what is expected and assume the responsibility for their own learning!

Throughout the curriculum, the introduction of new vocabulary words is computer controlled so that no new vocabulary word is used without the student first learning its meaning and pronunciation. Also, these words are repeated a certain number of times to ensure mastery.

Full-color explanations and illustrations add excitement to each lesson, and innovative learning activities reinforce the interesting text material.

Each PACE contains several Checkups, which are quizzes covering a section of the PACE. If mastery in an area is not achieved, the Checkup will reveal that weak area. Students can then take the time necessary to review and learn those concepts before proceeding to the next.

Upon completion of the activities and Checkups, students prepare to take the Self Test. Here students evaluate themselves, and a supervisor/tutor determines readiness for the final PACE Test. When the Self Test is successfully completed, the student turns in the PACE and takes the PACE Test the next school morning. The PACE Test objectively measures student mastery of the material.

Since 1970, A.C.E. PACEs have proven to be effective tools for goal setting and for achieving academic excellence.

Grading System

GPA converterA.C.E. and CCA use the 3.0 grading system. This means that the grades are as follows:
A = 94-100
B = 88-93
C = 80-87

If a student makes less than an 80 on a test (or less than 90 in Grades 1-3), the teacher goes back over the material with the student to help them learn and understand what they missed.  The student is then tested over the same material again with a new test.  Once a grade of 80 or higher is achieved, then they move on to the next learning section.  This ensures that the student actually learns the material and is not simply passed on to the next level.


Image of GraduatesEach CCA student, in grades 1-12, participates with our Dual-Enrollment program through the ACE Lighthouse Christian Academy program.  Therefore, each course of study is accredited under their auspices.  The LCA diplomas are accredited through three accreditation agencies:

    • Middle States Association Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools (MSA-CESS)
    • National Council for Private School Accreditation (NCPSA)
    • Accreditation International (Ai)Ai is a recognized member in good standing with the Council on Occupational Education (COE) and the International Council for Education.

Accredited diplomas are given to students that have met all CCA graduation requirements.

For more information on accreditation, visit HERE.