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The world of technology continues to expand at a rapid pace. As an academic institution, Community Christian Academy embraces the advances of technology and seeks to utilize them for educational purposes; and as a Christian institution, we also seek to apply biblical principles to the use of such technology. 

For these reasons, we encourage students to actively participate online through social media, blogs, and other content creation and interactive websites and apps. We also seek to train students to use technology in a way that reflects the character of Christ and the shared values of our CCA community. 

Students are expected to follow the guidelines listed below in order to create a safe, respectful, and moral atmosphere in every online environment. Students who violate this policy will be assigned appropriate consequences and risk forfeiting their privilege of being a student at Community Christian Academy. 

As a student of Community Christian Academy, each student must agree to the following guidelines:

  • Represent Christ and Community Christian Academy School well by posting content that reflects Christian and CCA Ranger values. Students are not to post content or comments that are threatening, harassing, illegal, obscene, defamatory, slanderous, or hostile towards any individual or entity. This includes links to websites and content that contain offensive or immoral media. 
  • Avoid showing approval of inappropriate posts (by “liking” or sharing such content). 
  • Interact with others in a respectful, courteous, and positive manner through all comments and posting of content. 
  • Identify themselves truthfully through all social media accounts. Students are not to create alternate social media accounts under an alias, nickname, or someone else’s name.
  • Respect the privacy of others. Students are not to publicly post the phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, or other personal information of other individuals. Such information, once posted, is public and can be misused. 
  • Protect their personal social media accounts.  Students may not allow another individual or entity to use their personal identification to post content or comments on their behalf. 
  • Stand up for the safety and well-being of others. Students are to immediately notify school faculty or administration if they become aware of a student being bullied, harassed, slandered, or threatened online by someone else. 
  • Respect the rights of other people and their content. Students may not post content or comments that infringe on the rights of CCA or any individual or entity, including privacy, intellectual property, or publication rights. 

Each student should understand that any comments posted to the CCA website, or CCA social media sites, are considered public and may be used by the school for promotional or other purposes. CCA reserves the right to reject or remove comments on school websites or social media accounts if they violate the above policy. We also reserve the right to amend this policy as we see fit. 

Students must agree to indemnify and hold harmless Community Christian Academy School, its affiliates, directors, employees, successors and assigns against any damages, losses, liabilities, judgments, causes of action, costs or expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs) arising out of any claim by a third party relating to any material user has posted on CCA-sponsored sites.