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Enrolling in CCA is the beginning of a quality learning experience. Each student is equipped with knowledge & learning for success in life.

Why Christian Education?

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Enrollment Now Open for 2022-2023 Year

Spaces are limited, so enroll now, in order to provide your child with a quality and safe education!

This page contains the necessary enrollment forms and payment buttons for all grade levels. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the school office at 706-221-7352.

Step #1: Complete the Paperwork

This tab is for New Students only. Click the “Download Packet” button to download the PDF Application Packet.

Print Single-Sided only, and submit the pages without staples, please.

If your child was enrolled in CCA for the previous year, and you have already completed a full application previously, then you only need to complete the following two forms for your enrolled children.

Download the Forms Verification form and submit it to the CCA office, along with completing the online Re-Enrollment Application.

Great news is that the Application is only 2 pages, and the verification form is 1.

You must download BOTH forms…For a total of 3 pages for re-enrolling!

Step #2: Pay the Fees

Click the button to pay the Registration Fee and other fees.

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