Using Google Classroom

Classroom is a great tool that is a part of the Google Suite for Education that CCA was approved for last year.  Using Classroom, we are able to provide a consistent online teaching that will be of great benefit to each student.

Each parent & student should watch the YouTube video (below).  It is a 13-minute video that will answer your question concerning the student’s usage of Classroom.  If you have further questions, just ask any of the CCA staff.


It is ESSENTIAL that every parent & student watch the tutorial video at the bottom of this page.  Teachers will answer any questions after you have viewed the entirety of the video. 

Each day of the school week, you must go online with your teacher sometime between 9:00am & 11:00am each morning. FAILURE to do will result in an unexcused absence. The process is simple. Just follow the following instructions:

  1. Log into your CCA Google Account using your assigned login information (i.e., your CCA E-Mail address & password).
  2. Once you log into your account, click on the “waffle” (the 9 dots) in the upper right corner.
  3. You will see the “Classroom” and “Hangouts” apps there.  Click on “Classroom.”
  4. If you need to communicate with your teacher, click the “waffle” and then click on “Hangouts.”or, if you only want to go to your “classroom”
  5. Go to and follow the same login instructions.
  6. Click the “Go to Classroom” button (below) and follow the same login instructions.

NOTE: Classroom is not only for the daily “check-in” procedure.  It is also where your student’s assignments and work will be posted.  Therefore, each student must have their own Classroom.

Scanner Recommendation
Using Classroom will require that students be able to scan some of their work (including weekly goal cards) and upload to the Classroom page.  It is preferred that the documents be scanned and NOT simply take a photo of the document.  Scanned documents are much more clear and able to be handled as a document.

There are a number of scanning apps that are available for IOS (Apple) and Android devices.  The one that we use and recommend is SCANBOT.  Scanbot is loaded with great features and offers both a free and a premium version.  We use the premium version because it is not expensive and offers a lot of features that we regularly use.

Scanbot operates as a true scanner and not merely a camera.  The quality of the scans will make the documents more readily readable and editable.

Google Classroom Tutorial