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This is a fundraiser for Community Christian Academy in Columbus, GA. We are trying to raise funds for school projects of obtaining security cameras and updating our student chairs.

Your help provides you a GREAT deal on a car wash, and will help our school reach our goal. We thank you for your investing in educating precious children! Thanks!

Each coupon is $10 and you can redeem it for a $20 wash & treatment at any Tidal Wave Auto Spa location in the United States! Each coupon is also valid for two years!

So buy more than 1 and save for over two years!

Coupons are valid until September 30, 2024!

PLEASE: When you complete the purchase form, be sure to check the “Convenience Fee” box at the bottom, so that CCA will receive the full benefit of your purchase. The 2.9% convenience fee will cover the charges of your credit/debit card processor. Thank You!

If you would like to know more about the Tidal Wave Auto Spa, you can click HERE

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