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Sheltering Our Children From the Real World?

Students Are Sheltered From The Real World In The Public School System

Dr. Roy Lowrie

Over a period a years, many parents have talked to me about enrolling their children in the Delaware County Christian School.  They are concerned about the education of their children and raise perceptive questions.  The question asked more than any other is this, “Will I be sheltering my children if I send them to the Christian School?”  Perhaps that question can be answered in a new manner by looking at some ways in which students are sheltered in the public school system, none of which is true in the Christian School.

Students in the public school are sheltered from the real world.  An introduction to the real world begins with an introduction to God.  God is, and He can be known.  But public school children are not taught this, and they miss the real world in their education.

Another part of the real world in understood when a student learns that God made their universe.  The Bible is explicit about this.  The teaching of evolution shelters public school students from the real answers about the origin of the universe.  Science teachers who are not creationists are sheltering students from reality.

Sheltering occurs when public school students are not taught that man is made by God.  God made Adam out of the dust of the ground, then He made Eve out of Adam.  And, every baby from Cain until today is just as much the creation of God as Adam and Eve.  It is sheltering to teach that man is an animal.

Public school students are sheltered when they are taught that man is basically good.  The real world shows that man is basically evil; something is inherently wrong and is not changed by education or environment.  The front page of today’s newspaper will depict the human heart and reveal its depravity.  Students do not see this real problem when there is no teaching about sin.

When the Gospel is not taught students are sheltered from real life in the real world as God wants them to experience it.  The Gospel is not taught in the public school classroom.  As a result, students are sheltered from the reality of salvation through Jesus, and do not know that God will give them a new heart, with forgiveness of their sins.

Saving faith in Jesus comes from learning the Bible.  Public school students are sheltered from this Book, apart from excerpts studied as literature.  The words of life are kept from them.  The Bible gives the answers to the questions and to the problems of the real world but instead of God’s Word, students are taught false answers derived from numerous philosophies.  Because of these philosophies, they try various life styles to face the real world.  Sadly, those life styles sometimes spoil their lives beyond repair.

Public schools shelter students form two important elements for good citizenship.  First, prayer for government leaders.  God rules today in the kingdoms of men and He tells us to pray for government leaders. Second, respect for civil authority because government is ordained by God.  These are high concepts of citizenship and patriotism.

In public schools where the Bible is not taught, students are sheltered from the moral standards required in the real world.  They are not taught any moral absolutes, but are taught to make decisions according to that particular situation.  God’s standards are the best for life in the real world.  To live by His moral absolutes is to be free, not bound.  It simply is not true that living by God’s standards is to miss out on life.

Public school students are sheltered from the reality of Divine guidance.  God is not considered in establishing relationships with the family, within the community.  Neither is God’s leading sought in the important choices of marriage and career.  Guidance is on the humanistic level only.

The best education to prepare a child for the real world is an education in which Jesus Christ is central.  The Christian understands the real world and wants to prepare his child for it.  Enrolling your children in the Christian School does not mean that you are a crusader against the public school system.  It means that  you want an education for your child that can not be given by the public school.

Parents send their children to the Christian school because they do not want them sheltered from the real world.

Dr. Lowrie capably and faithfully served as the assistant superintendent of Dayton Christian Schools, Inc. (which includes Xenia Christian School) from August 1, 2002,until July 1, 2003, and as superintendent from July 1, 2003, until December 21, 2004, when a disability resulting from complications from a medical procedure prevented him from continuing to do so. 

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