The Misnomer of Transgenderism

by Dr. Marty O. Wynn

An article that was published in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) seeks to make the serious issue of transgenderism a mere political battle.   Doctor Michael R. Ulrich, of Boston University, published a lengthy article in the February 29, 2024, issue of the NEJM on this issue.  He writes,

A politically motivated culture war is being waged over the practice of medicine in the Unit- ed States, and transgender young people are its latest victims,,,Now, ongoing litigation over bans on gender- affirming care could further establish the authority of politicians and courts to determine patients’ treatment options, while similarly exacerbating health disparities.

Michael R. Ulrich, J.D., M.P.H.

In the recent weeks I have heard more than one news reporter or journalist refer to cultural discussion on transgenderism as being “politically motivated.”  It is more than a little disconcerting that any intelligent person could think such a statement is both rational and factual.

The rational arguments against transgenderism are not politically motivated.  Politics have absolutely nothing to do with this serious issue that has been foisted upon our society.  For any rational, sane, thinking person, the objections are biology based and not political in any sense.  Simply biology teaches that that there are two genders, male and female.  Period!  No other genders exist, and everyone enters this world as either male or female.  The biological determination of that gender is not determined at birth, as many say today.  Gender is determined at conception by chromosome pairings.  Females are pairs of XX and males are pairs of XY.  

At this point, I know there are some who will ask about those who are born with both sets of genitalia (i.e., the intersexed).  Yes, due to living in a sin-cursed and fallen world, where imperfections exist, there are a minutely few percentages of birth where that does occur.  Yet, that does not mean they can choose their gender/sex.  It simply means that their chromosomes must be examined in order to determine which gender they are, and the genitalia that does not fit that gender should be surgically removed.  Gender is more than mere physical anatomy.  Males and females are uniquely different in an abundance of ways.

Thus, objections are biological and not political.   Of course, as a believer, I also believe it is a biblical issue.  In Genesis chapter 1, the Scriptures declare that God “male and female.”  God Himself created men and women with all of their uniquely different features, emotions, and cognitive skills (i.e., we think different).  These differences are a needed part of God’s creation order. 

It is truly sad that intelligent people, as Michael Ulrich, have been so deceived by their fallen natures that they believe the impossible to be possible, all in the name of progressive ideology.  Paul’s words in Romans 1:22 have never rang more true, “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.”

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